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The ultra simple exterior of the Viva Grill hides the complexity of advanced technology.
A superb evolution of an already excellent, reliable machine,the second generation of the Viva Grill features beautifully integrated electronics, high pressure die casting and finger tip controls making this new model even easier to use.

Each state-of-the art grill is made with only the finest materials,showcasing the superior craftsmanship and durability of a Viva Grill.
In the words of a client… the simplicity of operation… the fact that we deliver a consistent product in every store — that’s the beauty of these machines


Less is more! With the Viva Grill you will increase your bottom line by reducing waste, lowering your food costs and saving time. Our machines are easy to program which eliminates guesswork, accommodates your menu and makes training easy; your customers get consistent products — every time!



• World’s only patented, automated commercial grill
• Visual ‘curb’ appeal for open concept restaurants
• Made with rugged, industrial stainless steel
• Logic controlled for consistent pressure, heat, timing and motion
• RTD s (resistance temp devices) operate individually, one for each plate
• Seamless rim design ideal for waffle cones
• Independent cycle testing to max allowance; internal testing
• Tight tolerances, heat transfer plate is post-cast machined
• Parallel pivoting head accommodates sandwiches up to 2.5" thick
• Interchangeable non-stick coated plates — comes with choice of grooved, flat or waffle cone
• Removable plates for effortless clean up; no tools required
• Heavy duty design for years of worry-free use
• One-year warranty
• Designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada

General Specifications

Height: 19-1/4" opened,9-1/4" closed
Width: 23-1/4"
Depth: 18-1/4"
Weight:46 lb (20.8 kg)



Electrical Specifications

• 240 VAC Single Phase
• 50-60 Hz
• 2800 watts total
• Requires a standard NE MA 6/20 outlet
• Solid state single board electronics

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